Mission Statement of the Talent Point:

Mission Statement of the Talent Point:


As an excellent accredited regional Talent Point, Madách Imre Student Hostel has been engaged in talent identification and support as well as talent counselling in cooperation with educational institutions in Balassagyarmat, primarily with Balassi Bálint Secondary School participating in the Arany János Programme for Developing Talents (hereinafter “AJTP” as abbreviated in Hungarian) and other Talent Points in the region since 2014.
Brief summary of our strategy:
-  talent identification
-  talent support: development and enhancement
-  methods: individual development with help from specialist teachers and professionals, preparation of individual development plans, creation of portfolios, documentation of talent support activities – raising awareness of the process of learning to learn and the efforts to work in a proper way, mentoring, enrichment
-  talent development by means of differentiation
-  activities in preparation for competitions
-  speed-up in language learning
-  competency-based education (social, lifestyle and environmental competence; environmental protection, lifestyle, code of conduct)
-  career development competency: financial knowledge, career guidance; organisation of competitions and contests; coordination of activities outside the student hostel.

  Expertise, activity and success in helping talented young people:
  All eight members of our teaching staff are committed to supporting talents. The implementation of the Arany János Programme for Developing Talents widened and deepened the scope of responsibilities. 123 AJTP pupils of our student hostel are active participants in the programmes.
  Activities: preparation for competitions, creative competitions, sports activities, foreign language learning, career guidance, educational trips, enriching programmes, preventive activities, talent counselling, competency-based education, impact assessment.
Our institution has participated in the “TÁMOP 3.1.4 Balassagyarmat Local Government Educational innovation to develop competency in educational institutions in Balassagyarmat” tender since the 2009/2010 academic year. The competency-based educational activities were implemented in AJTP classes with the following content: environmental protection – we applied for the ECO-SCHOOL title, which we will receive on 31 January 2016. This way we are joining an organisation with approximately 250 members; lifestyle, code of conduct, financial knowledge.

  Past experiences relating to cooperation:
  Madách Imre Student Hostel maintains relationships with the following institutions:
- AJTP Programme Office as a national body
- partner schools and student hostels participating in AJTP
- University of Debrecen
- Institute of Education of Nógrád County
- Balassi Bálint Secondary School Balassagyarmat
- Rózsavölgyi Márk Elementary Art School
- Szent Imre Christian Elementary School, Secondary School and Vocational School
- Dózsa György Elementary School Balassagyarmat
- Kiss Árpád Elementary School Balassagyarmat
Our student hostel has a long-standing close relationship with primary schools in the county. To discover talented children, we have given presentations to pupils, teachers and parents whilst also providing them with information. During these presentations – if approved by their parents – we assess pupils’ talents and skills, and make recommendations as to which schools would be the best to choose. In relation to our cooperation with the afore-mentioned schools, we organised a career guidance camp for the second time in the last academic year. Good and deserving pupils from the county were invited to spend two nights at the dormitory’s camp.

  Future plans:
  Our objective is to promote psychological and motivational improvement required for utilising talent by means of our cooperation with Talent Points. One instrument for this is sharing information on talent support practices primarily on the student hostel’s  website: http://www.madachkollegium.hu. Possible sources for funding: - funding from tenders, the student hostel’s foundation, local governments, churches (parishes).
  Expansion of the European Talent Support Network:
  Important factors: our student hostel even provides accommodation for our guests who check in to use the building as a venue for camps (e.g. music camps) and joint activities (e.g. academic competitions). One of its positive results is maintaining contact. Being a school town located at the border, Balassagyarmat has an advantage in keeping contact with Hungarian schools in Slovakia and organisations beyond the borders. (Existing links: Liptovská Kokava – ski camp and language camp location; institutions in Transylvania as AJTP summer camp locations.)

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